About Us

Why choose Us.

Our private medical insurance products are used by a diverse range of businesses large and small as well as groups and associations, including district and county councils. We have a wide range of experience and can offer flexibility in your cover, ensuring that we help you find the best healthcare insurance scheme to suit your company.

Our Vision .

Lead the evolution of healthcare industry and enable members across nation to enjoy a better, dignified and healthier life.

Our Mission .

Improving the health and wellbeing of the national society by blending technology with experience and expertise, enabling access to a comprehensive, fully integrated network of the highest quality and most affordable care, delivered with integrity and respect.



by setting and surpassing higher standards, we will persist to establish a smarter, disciplined, and more efficient organization that delivers outstanding and exceptional care.


our belief of caring is unique in every personal interaction as we treat individuals, families and colleagues with sympathy, responsiveness and integrity.


we considerately treat each and every individual with care and consideration. We value the diverse perspectives of everybody.


we anticipate daring challenges tomorrow may bring and develop new innovative ways to inspire healthier communities.


by teaming up to sharing knowledge and skills, and through constant communication with whom we serve and their families, we create a unified, integrated approach to care.

Private Clinics

Dr. Ahmed El Sheikh - Chairman

The year 2017 is a year for embracing revolutionary changes in the healthcare field nationally. Change encourages growth and progress. It empowers the relevancy of the beneficiary. From a decentralized business structure, to how we attract and partner with reverent associates, ongoing as we manage and take care of all beneficiaries with millennial mindset, these changes moves us forward, pursuing us towards further innovation helping us to appeal to our future generation of customers. We are bringing innovation to our products, services and different lines of business.

We aim at bridging the gap in the healthcare industry by facilitating an affordable and accessible quality healthcare through blending technology with experience and expertise. We inaugurated our own recognizable core values, putting stakeholders’ wellbeing first, pursue excellence, embrace change and act with integrity, serving the whole nation.

“At Med Shield, our care and passion for what we do drives who we are and what we do, Everyday.”